LG G3 S Repair

Economic and affordable LG G3 S repair in ired's laboratories. Come to one of our stores or send us your device for free via courier.

Guaranteed LG G3 S repair

In ired stores the LG G3 S repair is a guaranteed service. We can successfully complete even the most difficult repairs. Some of the repairs we offer are:

  • LG G3 S battery replacement
  • LG G3 S screen replacement
  • LG G3 S motherboard repair
  • LG G3 S USB port repair
  • Water damaged LG G3 S repair

Experienced and qualified staff

Ired's technicians are electronics graduates with high technical competence. After a long involvement with electronics repairs have accumulated great experience. As a result, the repairs we offer are safe and effective.

High quality spare parts

The desired result is achieved with the installation of high quality spare parts by our skilled technicians. Our experts have selected the best spare parts of the market for the best possible result.

State of the art equipment and specialized workshops

The repair area is specially designed to host all electronic repairs safely and successfully. Our team of technicians uses the necessary modern equipment for the perfect repair of the LG G3 S.

LG G3 S repair process

Come to an ired store to check your device. If you want to send us your device via courier, we offer it for free from all over Greece. Once we receive your device will perform a 24-point standard diagnostics test.

We will inform you about the status of your device, its damage and the solution we recommend. After your approval we can proceed to repair the LG G3 S.

When the repair is completed we repeat a 24-point test to confirm that we have achieved the desired result. Then we will invite you to come and pick up your device or we will send it to your desired address.