LG G2 Water damage repair

LG G2 Water damage repair

Repair details

LG G2 Water damage repair

Immediate and effective LG G2 Water damage repair. Come to ired laboratories to have your device serviced by our specialists.

If your device is wet or there is moisture inside it, you should hurry up and come in one of our stores or send it to us as soon as possible.

The reaction time is the most important factor for the outcome of the recovery repair.

Be sure to follow the basic rules after the water damage:

Instructions of the reaction after wetting the LG G2

  1. Turn off your device as soon as possible and don’t try to turn it on.
  2. Remove all accessories you have on the device whether it is a case or its headphone.
  3. Do not attempt to dry the device with the use of heat sources. Overheating is an equally serious damage as the water damage.
  4. Wipe the liquids on the surface of the device and keep your appliance against the direction of inflow of moisture.

Call us and come to our nearest laboratory to open the device and remove the moisture using special ultrasonic cleaner, before the moisture penetrates very deep into the device and its components.

The risks caused by moisture

The humidity is bad for any device that runs on electricity. This is because water is a conductor of electicity and can cause a shot-circuit. For this reason we recommend the immediate deactivation of the LG G2.

The second risk is the chemical reaction caused between oxygen and metals. The oxygen molecules in the water cause corrosion (oxidation) in the metallic parts of your device. If the humidity is not readily removed the oxidation can progress to the stage when it becomes irreversible.

We have successfully repaired many water damaged devices. LG G2 Water damage repair can restore the functionality of your device. There is the possibility, after the completion of the cleaning process, some components to have suffered permanent damage and to require replacement. Our technicians will inform you of the exact condition of your device and the final cost of the LG G2 Water damage repair.