LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement

LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 70
  • Cost (Tax incl) 86.8
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement

Fast and affordable LG G2 touchscreen and LCD screen replacement. Come to one of the ired repair workshops for immediate service.

If you reside outside Attica or can not come to one of our stores, we offer free shipping via our courier partner company for fast and secure service.

In ired we offer:

  • Diagnostic check in 24 points before the repair
  • Repair by experienced and licensed electronics technicians
  • Use of high quality LG G2 Screen spare part
  • Final diagnostic test after the completion of the repair
  • Free Shipping - delivery nationwide

If your screen is damaged it will be easy to notice as the symptoms are the following:

  • Breaking or cracking
  • Scratches and signs of wear
  • Touchscreen dysfunction
  • Low light
  • Damage signs on the internal screen

If the LG G2 screen has shown similar symptoms, you need to come to our stores for an LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement.

High quality LG G2 screen spare part

The spare part used for this repair consists of two parts. The one is the internal LCD screen which displays the graphics and the other is the outer glass touchscreen. If the symptoms of the fault is detected in one of the two, either the touch screen or the LCD panel, both have to be replaced as they are a single spare part.

LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement

You need to visit one of our stores or send us your device via courier. Our technicians will check your device and will inform you of its condition after a diagnostic check in 24 points.

We will complete the LG G2 touch screen and LCD replacement and afterit we will repeat the diagnostic tests.

We will inform you about the successful LG G2 repair and you will receive it fully functional as it was when you purchased it.