LG G2 motherboard repair

LG G2 motherboard repair

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LG G2 motherboard repair

Specialized LG G2 motherboard repair by ired's experienced technicians, several stores in Attica and free shipping nationwide.

LG G2 motherboard repair is the most demanding repair. Our team of technicians has specialized expertise and has at its disposal the necessary professional equipment for restoration work.

The motherboard is an essential part of your device. On it there are the necessary circuits of the processor, memory and storage. Also the rest of the LG G2 components are connected via a ribbon cable to the motherboard or are directly connected to it.

LG G2 damaged motherboard symptoms

As you understand the damaged motherboard symptoms have a wide range since a motherboard failure may display similar malfunctions as other damages. Some of the most robust motherboard failure indications are:

  • The device does not turn on even after battery replacement
  • Charging is not possible even after changing the USB port
  • The mobile phone signal is low
  • It is not possible to connect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Parts dysfunction even after replacement

If you notice that your device has shown a malfunction, come to one of our workshops to check it and offer specialized LG G2 motherboard repair.

LG G2 motherboard repair process

Come to one of our stores to check your device. After the initial diagnosis or during the re-screening after replacing a component, a motherboard damage can be diagnosed.

In this case, although it is a difficult task, in ired we can assure you that if the repair of the motherboard damage is possible, certainly we can achieve it. Even in the most difficult cases we can successfully repair the motherboard.

LG G2 motherboard repair will last as long as necessary depending on the case. We always exhausting every possibility of repair as the experience we have gained with our many years of expertise in repairing motherboards commands us.