LG G2 mini water damage repair

LG G2 mini water damage repair

Repair details

LG G2 mini water damage repair

Efficient and affordable LG G2 mini water damage repair by ired's experienced technicians. Come to our stores for immediate service.

If the LG G2 mini got wet, you will need to act immediately and have it cleaned and repaired.

The first steps you should follow are:

  • Turn off the device immediately.
  • Remove the charging cable, headset and the device's case.
  • Keep the appliance against the direction the liquid flowed.
  • Wipe the liquid with an absorbent cloth or paper.
  • Do not attempt to dry the device with the use of heat because there is a risk of overheating.

Bring us your device in one of our stores. Our technicians will respond immediately. Your device will be opened and will be cleaned with special chemicals and other specialized machinery.

Humidity inside the device may cause permanent malfunction.

Oxidation of the board is a conventional chemical reaction which occurs when water molecules come in contact with a metal. The motherboard and your device accessories have enough metal parts. These can be oxidized and become nonfunctional. If the liquid is not immediately removed then the oxidation can proceed so far that the repair is impossible.

Another problem due to moisture is the likelihood to occur a short circuit within the device. For this reason the first step we recommend is to disable the device. After the device gets wet do not try to turn it on or charge it, because you may cause a bigger problem.

Come to your nearest ired store. Our experienced technicians can provide effective LG G2 mini water damage repair.

If you are far away or do not have time to visit one of our stores, we offer you free transportation via our partner courier company. This way the device will arrive in our modern laboratories, as soon as possible.

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