Wet LG G6 Repair

Wet LG G6 Repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
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Wet LG G6 Repair

Enjoy now an efficient repair of your wet LG G6 by visiting the specialized labs of ired. Find the ired shop that is directly next to you for instant services.

It is commonly known that moisture can cause damage to your device. If you want to avoid this, you have to follow these quick steps after getting your device wet:

  • Turn off the device immediately
  • Remove all accessories (headphones, cases, cables, etc.
  • Wipe carefully the fluids with absorbent paper
  • Store the device away from high temperature sources

Contact us as soon as possible and visit your nearest ired store to enjoy the best possible repair of your wet LG G6. And if you are unable to visit us, then you can send us your device through our courier service.

Wet LG G6 repair process

At ired, we will, initially, do what is needed in order to specify the extent of the damage. After that, the first step is to clean your device in chemical way, we will disassemble all components and remove moisture with specialized equipment.

In the 90% of the cases and if you have followed the above steps, chemical cleaning will restore the full functionality of your device. There is also a small chance that the device will need further work for it’s complete restoration and the ired labs can offer this service to you.

We have many years of experience and have repaired hundreds of thousands of devices. Moisture penetration into a device is a quite common damage and we have successfully dealt with the majority of these damages.

Visit as soon as possible one of our stores in order to get an efficient and affordable solution.

Free shipping all over Greece

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us instantly, then you have the option to send us your wet LG G6 device for repairing via courier, at no extra cost..

If you have any questions and need further instructions on repairing a wet LG G6, do not hesitate to contact us.