LG G6 screen repair

LG G6 screen repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 88
  • Cost (Tax incl) 109.12
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty 2 years

LG G6 Screen Repair

Get as soon as possible an instant and cost-effective LG G6 screen repair by visiting one of the ired stores. There you can find skilled technicians and affordable prices.

The LG G6 features a great 5.7-inch IPS screen, that offers a unique viewing experience. How can you react if your device's screen gets a damage from a fall? You can visit ired, as we provide a same - day solution for the LG G6 screen repair.

Indications of damage

If you want to make sure that your device's screen is experiencing a malfunction or damage, then you should notice one of the following:

  • The screen does not light up
  • The screen has cracked
  • The screen is broken
  • There are ink stains on screen
  • Adjusting brightness is impossible
  • Black and white colors

If you see any of the above, then you need a LG G6 screen repair.

Face the damage

The only thing you need to do in order to face the damage in your device, is to bring it to an ired store and our experienced technicians will get to diagnose the damage. If the damage is located on the screen, you will get informed about the time and cost of the whole process and after we get your approval, we will proceed with the LG G6 screen repair.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Detecting the damage
  • Remove safely the screen
  • Professional placement of a new screen
  • Check in 24 points for smooth function  
  • Get back the device with a warranty of good functioning

Contact us now

You can contact us by phone or via Live Chat for more information on the LG G6 Screen Repair.

In case you can not bring us your device in person, then we can guarantee safe and fast delivery of your device, at no cost and from any part of Greece you may be, through the courier service we are partnering. In that case, the LG G6 screen repair will be completed instantly and the device will return to your hands, fully functional, as soon as possible.