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Laptop power jack repair

Laptop power jack repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 70
  • Cost (Tax incl) 86.8
  • Repair Time 2-3 days
  • Repair Warranty 3 months

Laptop power jack repair

The portability of the laptop is a great advantage. You can carry it easily and have it always with you. At the same time our portable computer can get worn during transport and is exposed to many risks. It is likely to need laptop power jack repair, as it is one of most the important parts of the laptop that can be damaged.

Symptoms of malfunction

To seek for laptop power jack repair, you have probably noticed the following symptoms:

  • Laptop charges intermittently. In case of severely damaged power jack, charging is completely impossible.
  • You are forced to search for the proper angle to charge your laptop.
  • Screen brightness changes if you move the power cable.
  • The charge indicator turns on and off by itself.
  • The laptop does not work.

Damage description:

You need laptop power jack repair since it is worn. You cannot charge the battery of your laptop or the directly supply it with power. This is can be cause by a possible distortion of the jack or perhaps by it been broken.

Procedure of laptop power jack repair:

Our technicians will check the plug and will try to repair it, if it is feasible. Otherwise you will need to replace it. Laptop power jack repair is feasible in every case.

Come directly at one of the iRed stores

If we have the opportunity to choose between replacing the plug and repair the existing one, you will be asked to decide the best solution for you. Your preference will can be shaped depending on the time the repair will require. Additionally, the way we approach the problem will determine the cost of the repair, which will increase in case of replacement.