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Laptop overheating issue repair

Laptop overheating issue repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 40
  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
  • Repair Time 1-2 days
  • Repair Warranty 3 months

Laptop overheating issue repair

The limited size of laptops causes the concentration of many components in its small interior. So laptop overheating issue repair is quite a frequent need.

Problem description

To understand when you need laptop overheating issue repair, you should simply observe the following signs or symptoms:

  • Noticeably increased laptop temperature.
  • Continuous fan operation at maximum speed.
  • Unexpected power off.
  • Laptop turns off when you intensively use resources.
  • Frequent occurrence of similar problems.

Causes of failure

In a small percentage of cases there is mechanical failure of the cooling system, which causes overheating and needs replacement.

Most often, however, the problem is likely caused by obstruction of the device's airways, which prevent the free circulation of air. Fans try to solve this problem by working at the maximum possible speed. But air circulation is inhibited by a blockage and hot air remains inside the device. The laptop is overheating and possible damage can occur to some of its components due to high temperature.

Clogging of the cooling system usually happens on the inner surfaces of the laptop and the airways of the system. The fan that introduces air inside the laptop usually absorbs dust, hair and various other residues which are gathered inside, creating a mass. This mass causes obstruction of the airways and eventually laptop overheating.

Process of laptop overheating issue repair

Our experienced technicians will open the laptop to locate the blockage. If you wish, we will proceed to repair the problem of overheating. We will remove all the accumulated materials that cause the problem of overheating, using special tools. It is advisable that for the proper function and maintenance of the laptop, to ensure its regular cleaning at least once a year.