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Laptop Microsoft Office / Open Office installation

Laptop Microsoft Office / Open Office installation

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Laptop Microsoft Office / Open Office installation

If you want your laptop to be useful for simple and basic tasks, it is useful to install the popular office applications.

Even if you do not use your laptop for professional reasons, the installation of an office applications package will help you in many situations.

We can install on your laptop one of the following packages:

  • Microsoft Office: The most popular office software package.
  • Open Office: The best free office software package, also available in Greek.

Microsoft Office installation on laptop

If you choose to install the most successful office suite, you get immediate access to the following applications:

  • MS Word. Create and edit rich text files.
  • MS Excel. Spreadsheet management.
  • MS PowerPoint. Application for creating presentations.
  • MS OneNote. Keep notes.
  • MS Access. Software for creating and managing databases.

Depending on the version of Microsoft Office package you choose, the corresponding applications will be included. Each version has at least the applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Open Office installation on laptop

The Open Office is a leading application package in the field of free office applications. If you want to install the package of Open Office on your laptop, you will be able to use the following programs:

  • Writer. Application for the production and processing of texts.
  • Calc. Worksheet relative to MS Excel.
  • Impress. Create presentations with image and text.
  • Draw. Graphic design tool.
  • Database application. Useful application to organize and manage your data.


Files of Open Office are fully compatible with those of Microsoft Office.

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