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Laptop damage diagnosis

Laptop damage diagnosis

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 20
  • Cost (Tax incl) 24.8
  • Repair Time 1-2 days
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

Laptop damage diagnosis

Laptops have conquered the computer market thanks to their portability, which makes them extremely convenient to use.

Certainly their portability and small size is achieved by making full use of their interior space. The valuable parts of your laptop are positioned in a very small space, which makes laptop damage diagnosis and repair, a difficult and demanding job.

Procedure of laptop damage diagnosis

In our laboratories we have established an approach for each laptop damage diagnosis. We always follow the following procedure to offer you the best possible service:

  • We discuss with the owner of the laptop: We listen carefully to your description of the laptop's malfunction.
  • Laptop Control: We examine the condition of the laptop, to identify its damage.
  • We inform you in detail: You are provided information about the damage. We expose the possible causes of the damage and all its complications.
  • We plan the appropriate repair: We examine the available solutions. We select the best way to deal the damage.
  • Starts the process of repair, replacement or upgrade of your laptop according to the issue.

For more information on specific cases of damage, please consult the corresponding articles or communicate directly with one of our experts.

The damages we daily repair with success can be divided into three categories:

  • External damage: Blows, falls and accidents that can cause broken screen, broken keyboard etc.
  • Internal damage of the precious material of our laptop, such as damaged motherboard, graphics card, hard drive etc.
  • Software problems: The laptop is in need of technical support for various problems relating to its software, operating system, files, and system performance.

Come directly to your nearest ired store

For us every case of damage is unique and distinct. The main reason is that the needs and wishes of every laptop user are different. Come to the nearest iRed store for immediate and accurate laptop damage diagnosis.