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Laptop antivirus installation

Laptop antivirus installation

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Laptop antivirus installation

If there is no anti-virus program installed on your laptop, then your system is at risk. Maybe you need help for laptop antivirus installation.

Viruses are designed to invade your system without you realizing it.

The most common types off malware are the following:

  • Computer Worm: The well-known to us "worm" is a standalone malicious program. This does not need to be part of a file or program, as it can make copies of itself. The worm always causes damage or malfunction in our network.
  • Trojan horse: The Trojan horse cannot copy itself. It is masked as an application that seems to perform some useful task for us. In fact it opens "doors" for access to our laptop by third parties without our permission.
  • Key logging: are applications that record the information you enter into your laptop via the keyboard. Some of those applications keep a record of screenshots of your activities. Their purpose is to steal data.
  • Spyware: All forms of software designed to steal passwords and data from your laptop.

How viruses invade

Each file transfer or information on your laptop you can have security holes exploited by «hackers».

Some of the most common activities that contain risk are the following:

  • Use of e-mail.
  • Downloading files from the internet.
  • Browsing the internet.
  • Open unsafe files.
  • Using USB, CD, DVD etc.
  • Connection to LAN network.

Εffects of virus infection:

  • Data loss
  • Email scam
  • Engagement of system resources
  • Risk of laptop hardware or software damage

Laptop antivirus installation

If you want to protect your laptop from the unpleasant surprise of an electronic attack, immediately contact ired.

You can get to your nearest ired store or request us to perform laptop antivirus installation via laptop remote support service.

Laptop antivirus installation will offer protection against all malicious programs that may try to invade your system.