Water damaged iPod touch 5G repair

Water damaged iPod touch 5G repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 64.48
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One of the most common accidents that can happen to your beloved device is water or other liquid entering inside your favorite iPod touch 5.

If something similar has happened to you, follow the instructions below.

Directions of immediate reaction:

  • Turn off the device
  • Wipe the liquid
  • Cover the device with absorbent paper
  • Do not use heat to dry the device. There is a risk of overheating, which may damage the device.
  • If the device got wet with sea water, then do not hesitate to rinse it with fresh water.

Do not delay and come directly to one of our branches to avoid irreversible oxidation of the main board.

What is the oxidation of the main board?

The contacting of the metal components of the device with water or other liquid causes the chemical reaction of oxidation. The liquid should be removed as soon as possible in order to avoid corrosion of the device. We just need to have the device in our hands as soon as possible.

Come directly to your nearest iRed store

Our technicians will pry open your device and remove the liquid. To achieve this we need to use special chemicals and cleaners to remove liquids, depending on their type. We use the specialized high-power ultrasonic device, to have the best possible result. Apart from liquids we remove and clean your device from any debris.

Regarding the cost

The cost of our labor can be different according to the success or failure of our efforts. If you follow the steps of direct reaction, the chances of success are very high. Extra charges can be applied if extra spare parts are required to restore the operation of your device. To get more precise information on the cost of the repair, our technicians will need to check your device.

If you are away from our stores or you do not have time to visit us, you can send us your device via courier from all over Greece.