The fourth generation iPod has literally enchanted you: with its high resolution retina display, two cameras, FaceTime support and large capacity, which reaches 64 GB. It is thinner than its predecessors and iPod touch 4g follows you everywhere.

iRed: technical support for iPod touch 4g

Like any other electronic device, iPod 4g can one day suffer some damage. As it is an expensive device, it is always worth it to get repaired. iRed is a modern repair center which you can trust without a second thought for any damage or malfunction of the iPod touch 4g.

Why to choose us?

iRed's expertise, dexterity and excellence

iRed's laboratories are fully equipped in every respect. Our technicians are among the best professionals in the electronic market with extensive experience in iPod touch 4g repair and beyond. We perform directly any iPod touch 4g repair you assign us, to deliver you as soon as possible a fully functional iPod.

Specialized equipment for demanding iPod touch 4g repair

Thanks to our professional equipment we are available for complex iPod touch 4g repairs, that other laboratories are not able to carry out successfully. Come to iRed for:

  • iPod touch 4g LCD screen & digitizer replacement
  • Water damaged iPod touch 4g repair
  • iPod touch 4g battery replacement
  • iPod touch 4g camera repair
  • iPod touch 4g home button repair

These and many other repairs are performed by our technicians directly and effectively in the shortest possible time.

High quality OEM spare parts

The spare parts we use are exclusively new OEM, which are always compatible with your device. This ensures the flawless operation of your iPod touch 4g, which will last over time.

Reasonable prices and nationwide coverage

ired's support is not limited in Attica, but offers its services throughout Greece. So if you live far away and thus cannot visit one of our stores, you have to get the opportunity that we provide you to send / receive your device via courier. For our impeccable service and our excellent iPod touch 4g repair, we also offer you the most competitive-friendly prices in the market.