Water damaged iPod touch 3G

Water damaged iPod touch 3G

Repair details

Water damaged iPod touch 3g repair

The iPod touch 3g is one of the most advanced portable media players. Like any other electronic device, it is very sensitive to liquids. The possibility wetting the device can be destructive.

If your device is accidentally exposed to moisture, you must react immediately to avoid permanent iPod damage.

Immediate action guide:

  • Directly turn off your iPod
  • Remove it from the charger or the PC
  • Remove the headphones
  • Lay the device against the liquid's flow
  • Wrap your iPod with absorbent paper

Liquids are very likely to leave residues inside your device, which will require cleaning with special cleaners. In this case, however, you should worry more about the coexistence of electricity and liquids. When they come together they can cause irreversible oxidation of the board.

How we repair a water damaged iPod touch 3g

Initially there should be special equipment, suitable for water damaged iPod touch 3g repair. Afterwards you need our experienced technicians to open your iPod and intervene immediately to the damage.

Any liquid present in the interior of the device must be removed immediately. Furthermore, depending on the liquids type, it should take place a special cleaning to remove debris.

Come directly at your closest ired store

One of our experts will carry out the rescue of your iPod. Water damaged iPod touch 3g repair is a demanding and time-consuming process.

Our technicians can calculate the time the repair will take. We always have our labs equipped with the most advanced equipment to be able to successfully perform water damaged iPod touch 3g repair.

To ensure that moisture is completely removed from your device before we return it to you, we will check for the device and its proper operation.
Pay attention: The sooner you bring us your iPod, the more likely you are to achieve full restoration of damage.