iPod 3G is the device that has conquered a large part of the consumers who want all the capabilities offered by an iPhone, without the phone function and the phone bill every month. The intense use of this "magical" device is very likely, however, to cause some damage that would deprive you of your favorite apps.

iRed is the repair center that is rapidly gaining popularity, and that is not happening accident. Our advantages that support our high rate of successful repairs are numerous and important:

Reliable iPod 3G repair

iRed stores are equipped with all the necessary equipment and are staffed by a team of skilled professional technicians. Therefore, we offer our customers the peace of mind that every repair we perform will be proper and quick, while the result will last overtime. In our favor are also the diagnostic and final control conducted before and after repair in accordance.

Come directly to iRed for:

  • iPod touch 3G LCD screen & digitizer repair
  • iPod touch 3G battery replacement
  • iPod touch 3G home button repair
  • Water damaged iPod touch 3G repair
  • OEM spare parts and friendly prices

iRed offers excellent iPod touch 3G repair due to our professional technicians, specialized equipment and the high quality, durable OEM spare parts we use. We do not bargain on quality in any repairs we perform, since we are not aiming at an opportunistic relationship with our customers. Instead, our goal is to become your long-lasting technical support for your iPod's or any electrical device's malfunction. Regarding our prices; they are always among the most competitive in the market.

Shipping / delivery throughout Greece

Take advantage of the opportunity we give you for shipping / transportation of your device via courier and send your iPod 3G to us by any part of Greece you reside.