Water damaged iPod touch 2G repair

Water damaged iPod touch 2G repair

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Water damaged iPod touch 2g repair

Your iPod touch 2g is one of the most successful portable media players. Its success lies in the multiple features and functions it offers.

You must be careful though, because if your iPod gets wet, it may suffer permanent damage and never function as expected again.

If your iPod gets wet, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn it off immediately
  • Remove any connected cables or headphones
  • If the device got wet by salt water, do not hesitate to rinse with tap water
  • Wrap your iPod with paper towels to absorb any liquid

These actions will simply delay the process of the motherboard oxidation. You will need to receive direct technical support for Water damaged iPod touch 2g repair.

Water damaged iPod touch 2g repair procedure

Effective rescue of your iPod is only possible with the use of specialized equipment. In our laboratories we have all the necessary tools to effectively deal with the moisture.

We must remove all moisture from the interior of the device. It will be cleaned with special cleaning agents according to the type of fluid that caused the damage. Furthermore we must removed and debris that may be left after the removal of liquids.

Come directly to your closest ired store

The sooner you come to our workshop, the more likely you are to achieve a successful water damaged iPod touch 2g repair. The time that the liquid remains in the interior of the device allows it to penetrate deeper.

This makes removal more difficult and can lead to oxidation of the components, which can eventually cause permanent damage.

The high quality service we provide you is offered at the most competitive prices.