iPod Repair Service

iPod repair by iRed's experienced technicians!

The iPod is the small and versatile Apple's mp3 where you carry all your music and other multimedia. From the iPod's 4th generation, moreover, you have even a camera, and you can save on this big amount of data. As it has been well received by the general public, iPod touch already counts five generations. It has an easy to use touchscreen and capacity that reaches up to 64 GB. It quickly surpassed in sales and popularity all the other MP3 players - as it was rather expected. Its intense use of however is likely to result in damage.

Like any electronic device, the iPod can be damaged in some way. It is expected that you have it always with you - at work, while traveling, on vacation. The most common damages are breaking the LCD screen and the digitizer if you accidentally drop it, as the water damaged iPod from dropping your iPod in water or in sea. In addition, your iPod becomes useless if it presents a problem to its jack cable, which is responsible for the operation of your headset.

ired restores these and many other damages of iPod touch.

We have extensive experience in iPod repair. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed in electronics, with extensive experience in iPod's design. The diagnostic test that we perform when we receive your device allows us to track exactly the damage, while the second control, carried out after the completion of iPod repair ensures the quality results of our work. The spare parts we use are always new and OEM, i.e. high quality and perfectly compatible with your device components and tested for their durability.

Nationwide delivery & reliability

One of iRed's strengths is the high speed of service we provide. If you cannot bring us your device to one of our stores, you only have to send it to us via courier. We will complete the repair as soon as possible and we will return you your device before you get deprived of it. Our always guaranteed services are offered at the most competitive market prices. Directly contact our helpful staff. We are always happy to help you and guide you for the prompt and correct restoration of your iPod's damage.