Water damaged iPhone X repair

Water damaged iPhone X repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 70
  • Cost (Tax incl) 86.8
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In ired we undertake the water damaged iPhone X repair. Although the device is waterproof with IP67, there are cases that the contact of the device with the liquid can cause problems. We will explain you what you should do to avoid the deterioration of the situation after your device’s contact with liquid.

Direct reaction instructions

When you note that the iPhone X has a contact with liquid, you should follow the above instructions as fast as you can.

  • Turn off the device in order to prevent corrosion of the internal parts
  • Wipe the device with absorbent paper
  • Put the device downwards with the side which came in contact with liquid
  • Do not use heat sources to dry the device because you will cause overheating


When the water penetrate into the interior of the device, we have the phenomenon of oxidation in which all metallic parts of the device are corroded. If the oxidation progress enough, it can cause damage on very important spots of your device.


Ired stores have the suitable equipment for the effective water damaged iPhone X repair. The ultra sonic bathtub promises immediate results on the removal of fluids from the iPhone X.

You should only bring the device to us or to send us totally free. Our technicians after they check it analytically in 24 different spots, they will estimate the damage and they will inform you for the overall cost and the duration of the repair depending of the spare parts that will be used.

We should inform you that a part of the effectiveness and the cost of the repair it is up to you because if you react fast you will give us the time to prevent the corrosion and the damage.

For more information about the water damaged iPhone X repair, you can call us or visit our website, or send us a message on Live Chat.