iPhone X Repair Service

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Direct iPhone X repair service in 20 minutes. Come to an ired store for guaranteed iPhone X repair service.

Guaranteed iPhone X repair service

Ired labs have been established as the most reliable and pioneering brands in the iPhone repair market. We have only quality spare parts and all of the repairs that we have done are based on that. Our technicians is at your disposal for the most qualitative iPhone X repair service.

We can give you support for every problem like:

  • iPhone X screen replacement
  • iPhone X water damaged repair
  • iPhone X battery replacement
  • iPhone X earpiece change
  • iPhone X speaker repair

Our labs are fully equipped and are built so that the devices stay safe during the repair process. In this way we can offer youth most guaranteed and safest repair for a valuable device like iPhone X.

Experience and expertise

It is obvious that Apple is not design its devices based on a model for an easy repair. An iPhone repair is very complicated. You need to be very careful and experienced for something like that. Our special technicians have the knowledge for the correct iPhone repair after a lot of years of experience and thousands of repairs. Our expertise and our experience are the guarantee for the best result for every repair we make. However, in the case that a problem exists and after the repair, we give you a guarantee for good function which responsibly we replace the spare part and we repair the device totally free.

Quality spare parts

We try to be pioneered to what we do. For that reason, we keep on watching the market and we get only high quality spare parts. In this way, we are sure the best performance for the spare parts and for the guarantee we give you. So we are sure about the result for an iPhone X repair service.


As we said before, the combination of the excellent spare parts with the expertise of our technicians it gives us the advantage to give you a guarantee in sometimes for lifetime. So, in every iPhone X repair, you can trust an ired lab. We are at the side of our customers and we want to offer always the best result.

National coverage

We offer you national coverage. In the context of better service for our customers, we cooperate with courier company for the immediate and free shipping of your device to our labs. We need all of our customers to enjoy the same qualities, reliable and fast services.