iPhone SE speaker repair

iPhone SE speaker repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 33
  • Cost (Tax incl) 40.92
  • Repair Time 20 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

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Symptoms of fault

One of the most common malfunctions that may occur to your device over time, is a damage to the speaker. It is one of the parts of the device that is exposed to external risks such as dust and humidity.

It is a very important part, because if your speaker is damaged you won’t be able to talk through it, listen to videos and music or make any sound recordings.

If the speaker is faulty, you will experience one of the following phenomena:

  • Reduced intensity
  • Poor sound quality
  • Operation with intermissions
  • Inability to produce sound

If you recognise any of the above signs then you will need an iPhone SE speaker repair.


The repair process is extremely delicate and you should only trust the best technicians to complete is successfully. Our technicians are able to address the problem, as they are well trained and have several years of experience in iPhone repairs.

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Our laboratories are modern and have the ability to deal with any damage of your device. Our expert workbenches combined with the specialized tools offer maximum efficiency in every repair.

One of our professional technicians will check your device with a diagnostic test. Then you will be informed about the duration and the cost of the repair. With your consent, the technician will proceed to the replacement of the speaker.

We only use the best replacement parts in every iPhone SE repair. They are chosen carefully from our supply department, based on their resilience and compatibility.

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