Water damaged iPhone 8 repair

Water damaged iPhone 8 repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 40
  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
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One of the most common damages we have to deal with, is a repair of a wet iPhone. We can tell surely that is one of the most difficult repairs and sometimes without the desired results. However if you follow some simple instructions before the repair you can help us to offer you the best result.

iPhone 8 is water resistant but this does not mean that if we dive it into the sea will not be harmed. We should know that the water of the sea is corrosive generally for electronic devices and especially for the metal parts. That means that if we not take the suitable measures after the contact of our device with the water, we will face a problem. iPhone 8 has an ip67 protection but it is not fully water resistant. In case of contact with the water, you will observe a damage.

Direct reaction instructions

  • Turn off the device immediately
  • Swipe the device with an absorbent paper and wrap it to remove moisture
  • Put the device upside-down from where the water came in. Gravity will remove as much water as possible.
  • Do not use heat sources because you will cause overheating to the device
  • Contact or visit an ired lab for a water damaged iPhone 8 repair.


As we said before, moisture is one of the biggest enemies of electronic devices and especially the sea water. As soon as the water got inside the device all metallic parts and motherboard got eroded. The speed of the oxidation combined with the voltage supply increase the possibilities for  a serious damage of the metallic parts and after that the resuscitation of your device is almost impossible.

For that reason, all movements need to be fast following the above instructions. When you complete the reaction instructions, you should call or visit an ired lab for a repair. In our labs, we have the suitable equipment for a water damaged iPhone 8 repair. We use the ultra sonic bathtub to prevent the damage.

Come to the closest ired

The sooner we intervene, the more are the possibilities to deal with the damage. Our technical team has a lot of experience to that repairs and accidents and can work fast and with safety.

Cost of the repair

The cost will depend on whether and how many components have been affected by the water inflow. If your movements are fast, you may not need any replacement. The most important thing is to bring us your iPhone 8 as fast as you can.

For every detail, you can contact us via phone or by Live Chat!