iPhone 8 motherboard repair

iPhone 8 motherboard repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 110
  • Cost (Tax incl) 136.4
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

The iPhone 8 motherboard repair is one of the most complicated repairs and depending on the problem, it is a procedure that can take a lot of time (3 days or more).

Symptoms of damage

Motherboard (or logicboard) is the mother of all electronic parts of your device because all of them are connected on it. It is let’s say, the backbone of an iPhone’s body. On the motherboard are the processor and other microchips as the central memory. A damage on the motherboard or a circuit, it could cause a malfunction to the device.

The symptoms are too many but these that we meet often as technicians are:

  • Unable to display information on the screen
  • The screen does not display information even after a repair - replacement
  • The device is not responsible and you cannot turn it on
  • The device is not charged
  • GSM signal is very low
  • Failure to connect to wireless networks (Wi-Fi, 4G)
  • Peripheral keys )Home, Silent, mute, volume button) are not functional
  • Microphone or camera do not work even after a replacement

If you obsessive something of the above, maybe the problem will be solved with a repair (for example a camera replacement, screen replacement etc.). But there are possibilities to be a problem on the motherboard. If something of the above occurs, a full check by a technician is necessary who with the suitable equipment will find the damage and continue to an iPhone 8 motherboard repair. Visit an ired store today and after the necessary tests we will know the source of the problem and the cost of the repair. In any case we do not continue to a repair without you approval.


A damage to the iPhone’s 8 motherboard is serious and for some people is not fixable. This is wrong. The right equipment that a lot of repair centres do not have is necessary. In ired we have make an investment in the troubleshooting department which is responsible for the iPhone 8 motherboard repair. You can trust your device to our labs. For our side we can assure you that having the suite equipment and the technical stuff, we will do our best to restore your device to its previous condition an the possibilities for an iPhone 8 motherboard repair are with you.

Our technical team has a lot of years of experience with guaranteed results. We offer you:

  • Immediate technical support by certificated electricians
  • Health check in 24 spots, before and after the repair
  • Excellent installation for the new and complete systems on the iPhone’s 8 motherboard
  • Warranty

iPhone 8 motherboard repair

As soon as we receive your device we will run a full test and after that we will inform you about the results. The test will indicate to us the source of the problem. Immediately after, we inform you for the parts must be replaced. Also we give you details for the cost and for the time we will need for the repair.

Depending the decision you will take, we will continue the iPhone 8 motherboard repair process.

We have to inform you that in case you face a difficulty to bring the device to us, you can sent us your device via courier. Go to the shipping menu, follow the steps and we will take care for the rest without charge.