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Water damaged iPhone 7 repair

Water damaged iPhone 7 repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 40
  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

iPhone 7 water damage repair

If you cannot get in one of our labs, then you can send your device by courier, for free, from any part of Greece you are.

iPhone 7 comes with a waterproof layer, called "ip67". This layer might be waterproofed but not entirely sealed. In case moisture enters your iPhone 7 might cause more damage than you'd probably think of. 

Emergency response instructions

  • Close the unit and do not open it under any circumstances
  • Get a paper towel and wrap the device so as to wipe the moisture
  • Keep the device in the opposite direction from that which the water has entered
  • Do not use heat sources such as dryer, as this may cause overheating
  • Visit or contact the ired laboratories.


Moisture is one of the worst "enemies" of your device because it can cause irreparable damage and even its complete deactivation.

The oxidation of the metal parts will stop the operation and "recovery" would be almost impossible. That’s why you have to move immediately.

When you complete the emergency response manual instructions, you should bring the iPhone 7, to the ired experts. In our laboratories,

we have all the specialized tools, such as high power ultrasonic bath so as to prevent the damage.

Come to the nearest ired store

The more directly we intervene, the more are the chances to deal with the damage correctly.

Our technical team has big experience in such repairs and "accidents" and is able to work quickly and with maximum security.

Repair costs

The cost will depend on whether and how many parts have been affected by the inflow of water.

If your movements are fast, you may not need any replacement.

The important thing is to promptly bring your iPhone 7 in our hands.

For any clarification, please contact us by phone or speak with an advisor on Live Support.