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iPhone 7 vibration motor repair

iPhone 7 vibration motor repair

Repair details

iPhone 7 vibration failure repair

If you cannot move, you can send your device by courier, from any part of Greece you are.

Symptoms of damage

One of the functions that can be damaged after some time is that of vibration.

This mechanism is required if you want to mute the iPhone 7 and to be notified for calls and messages by vibration.

When the vibration motor has a malfunction, you will not be able to benefit from this mechanism.

You will need an immediate iPhone 7 vibration failure repair from our experienced ired team.


In ired, we suggest a replacement of the damaged vibration motor with a new accessor, fully resistant and compatible with your device.

Initially, we will have a diagnostic test and compare the findings with the symptoms you describe us.

If it is necessary, we will suggest an iPhone 7 vibration failure repair and will let you know about the cost and duration.

All repairs are carried out in special workbenches, equipped with all the necessary tools.

The procedure will be done safely and with speed and the iPhone 7 will come in your hands fully functional, like new.

The parts are very carefully selected based on their resistance and their superior quality.

Come to ired workshops

Do not waste time and immediately visit one of the ired shops.

We are at your disposal to offer you guaranteed services at very affordable rates.

Simply trust your device to our technical team and tell them about the damage symptoms you have noticed.

Contact us by phone or via Live Support to express any questions you have about the procedure.

A representative will explain in detail all the stages of the iPhone 7 vibration failure repair.