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iPhone 7 Repair Service

* The Prices does not include Tax 24%.
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We wait for you in the ired stores and we also recommend sending the device by courier.

Guaranteed iPhone 7 repair

Look no further! If you need fast service, accompanied by warranty on your repairs, come to

ired. Our technical team is fully qualified in Apple device’s repairs and beyond. We will

immediately respond to any problems of your iPhone 7 and will suggest economic and

immediate solutions.

For example:

  • iPhone 7 Retina screen & Digitizer replacement
  • iPhone 7Water damaged repair
  • iPhone 7 battery replacement

In ired workshops you will encounter:

  • Experience and technical knowledge
  • Our expert workbenches are equipped with all the necessary tools and the latest equipment
  • Our technicians have extensive experience in repairs and you should trust them at every step
  • Efficient spare parts
  • Our spare parts are selected based on their superior quality, their high performance and excellent compatibility with the iPhone7
  • Warranty services
  • All our services are guaranteed, so if hardware failure occurs, you are entitled for a free replacement and retesting of the spare part
  • Coverage throughout Greece

Wherever you live, you can send your problematic device by courier, completely for free.

Immediately after completion of the repair, you will receive it back exactly the same way.

The device will be fully functional, like new.

We immediately expect you at the nearest ired laboratory. Feel free to contact us by phone.

An agent is at your disposal so as to solve any questions about your iPhone 7 or any failure

symptoms you have observed. You can get in touch via the online service Live Chat, to chat

in real time with our technicians.