Water damaged iPhone 7 Plus repair

Water damaged iPhone 7 Plus repair

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
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iPhone 7 Plus water damage repair

To save time, send your device by courier n one of our labs, completely for free, from any part of Greece you are.

iPhone 7 Plus comes with a waterproof layer, called "ip67". This layer might be waterproofed but not completely (that would be "ip68").  

In case moisture enters your iPhone 7 Plus you should follow the emergency response protocol mentioned below:

Emergency response instructions

  • Close the unit and do not open it under any circumstances
  • Get a paper towel and wrap the device to wipe the moisture
  • Keep it in the opposite direction from which the water has entered
  • Do not use heat sources such as a dryer, as this may cause overheating
  • Visit or contact the ired laboratories


Do not allow moisture to damage your device, since it is one of the worst enemies.

If it enters in the inside, it can cause a complete failure, which will not be resettable.

Metal parts are very quickly oxidized and deplete the device operation.

You have to move immediately and follow emergency response instructions to the letter.

Then you will have to bring your device to ired experts to ensure about the immediate restoration.

We have special recovery tools, such as high power ultrasonic bath, which prevents damage and removes moisture from the inside of the iPhone 7 Plus device.

We expect you to ired

If the process is speeded up, chances are the device does not face any problem whatsoever.

A second scenario is that only some internal components will be corroded by the water.

The sooner you act, the less likely it is that your beloved device is destroyed.

The cost will depend on whether and how many spare parts will be needed.

If you need clarification for immediate reaction instructions or about the procedure of the repair, do not hesitate to call us so as to chat with an advisor.

We are available to chat via Live Chat, through our site.