iPhone 7 Plus vibration motor repair

iPhone 7 Plus vibration motor repair

Repair details

iPhone 7 Plus vibration Repair

If you are unable to move, you can send your device by courier, from any part of Greece you are.

Symptoms of damage

If your phone falls out of the hands or hit a hard surface, it is possible that the mechanism of vibration will be damaged.

This is a very important function which you can use when you turn your device in mute at places with very loud noise or in locations where noises are prohibited.

Through the vibration, you will be silently notified for calls and more.

If a problem occurs with the vibration motor, you will immediately understand since the function will be disabled.

We must seek a direct iPhone 7 Plus vibration Repair in ired laboratories.


There is no need to worry about anything.

Our technical team will immediately arrange to restore your device and replace the faulty vibration motor.

The new replacement will be of top quality and fully compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus.

You will know in advance about the repair cost and how long it will take it to reach your hands, fully functional as new.

We carry out all our repairs with specialized tools and on special workbenches.

Our affordable prices, prompt service and courtesy will delight you.

We expect to listen to your questions about the iPhone 7 Plus vibration Repair.

You can call us directly in the call center or chat with an advisor through messages by our electronic application called Live Chat, on our site.

We will explain you about all the details and we will guide you on how to locate the nearest ired store in Attica.