iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair

iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 47
  • Cost (Tax incl) 58.28
  • Repair Time 30 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair

If you cannot get in any of our shops, we can give you the option to send your device by courier, from wherever you are.

Symptoms of damage

Your device’s speaker is extremely useful since it reproduces all tones for messages, calls, music or any sound from the different applications.

It also serves the speakerphone.

If it breaks, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • Reduced volume
  • Poor sound quality
  • Intermittent sound
  • No audio playback

In such cases, you should consider an iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair.


Do not waste time and come for a direct iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair.

We will work with speed, to get the device in your hand in no time.

The process always starts with a diagnostic test and then, if there is a repair reason, we proceed to the removal of a defective speaker and place a new, top-quality spare part.

Our technical team has extensive experience and expertise in repairs of technological products, especially the Apple devices.

We can complete any repair, however demanding it may be.

The parts we use are durable and quality, so as not to create any problems.

For all our repairs we offer a warranty.

We expect you to ired workshops

Come to the nearest ired store to serve you directly. Give your device to the technician who will serve you and stay in the waiting room.

The iPhone 7 Plus speaker repair will be ready in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

You can contact us by phone to express any questions regarding the repair.

Alternatively, you can send a message to the Live Chat service from our site and chat in real time with an advisor.