iPhone 7 Plus 4G GSM antenna repair

iPhone 7 Plus 4G GSM antenna repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 47
  • Cost (Tax incl) 58.28
  • Repair Time 30 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

iPhone 7 Plus 4G Antenna Repair

If you wish, you can send your device by courier, for free, from anywhere in Greece you are.

We offer you

  • Direct service by licensed electronics
  • Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  • Safely remove the damaged 4G antenna
  • Flawless installation of the new iPhone 7 Plus 4G antenna
  • Warranty

Symptoms of damage

If you drop or hit the device on a hard surface, the Wi-Fi antenna could be damaged in some

way. It will not take too long for you to understand that there is a problem, if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Weak signal
  • Unable to connect
  • Disconnection

All this shows that you need an immediate iPhone 7 Plus 4G Antenna Repair. Come to ired for a guaranteed recovery.


All you have to do is hand over your device to the technician who will serve you and describe the failure symptoms.

Trust our technical team with its extensive experience in Apple repairs.

The process will begin with a technical test to find out the cause of the malfunction of the iPhone 7 Plus 4G Antenna.

If the indications show that it needs a replacement, then we will remove the damaged part and we will place a new and quality spare part.

Be aware that in any repair we use efficient and fully compatible replacement parts which are covered by warranty.

Come to ired workshops

We will welcome you in the ired lab of your choice for an immediate restoration of the damage.

You will stay in the waiting room while we will repair the device at the specially designed workbenches.

Your device will be returned to you in the shortest possible time, always at the lowest possible cost.