iPhone 6s motherboard repair

iPhone 6s motherboard repair

Repair details

The motherboard is the most important part of your device becase every chip is installed on it. If it gets damaged many malfunctions can occur in accordance to the chip that was damaged.

In the ired labs we can handle even the most difficult cases of motherboard failure.

Symptoms of a damaged motherboard

A damaged motherboard can produce many different malfunctions. The damage can only be confirmed by an operation control on your iPhone 6s motherboard that an experienced ired technician can run.

Some cases of a damaged motherboard are included below:

  • The iPhone overheats or cannot be switched on
  • Problems or inability to connect to a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network
  • Inability to charge your device,even after replacing your lighting connector
  • Screen malfunctions,even after replacement of the screen
  • Problems in sound replication
  • Microphone problems during calls
  • Home button malfunction

If any of the above is true for your device, visit an ired lab for a specialised iPhone 6s motherboard repair.

Specialised labs

Our labs are equipped with specialised equipment for dealing with any iPhone motherboard failure.

Our technicians can handle the demanding procedure of repairing a damaged motherboard on an iPhone 6s.

As soon as we receive your device,we make an operation control on 24 points. Then we inform you about the status of your device and with your approval, we proceed to repair any damage on your iPhone 6s motherboard. 

If you believe that your iPhone 6s suffers from a damaged motherboard, contact us immediately to help you deal with this problem safely and efficiently.