iPhone 6s front camera (facetime) repair

iPhone 6s front camera (facetime) repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 35
  • Cost (Tax incl) 43.4
  • Repair Time 20 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

  As time passes by, the front camera can be damaged from use or display malfunction after a fall or a blow.

Symptoms of damage

If the front camera is damaged, you will notice the following:

  •  The front camera is malfunctioning
  •  The camera display has a physical damage or “injury”
  •  Video calls have low image quality
  •  The camera application does not open
  •  The camera application opens but has no picture

If you notice any of these symptoms, then the iPhone 6s needs immediate front camera repair.

Addressing the fault

Do not hesitate to visit one of our laboratories.

Entrust our team of technicians and describe the problem to our staff, who will serve you directly. Upon receipt of your device, we will carry out a diagnostic test and will notify you immediately about the results. If a repair is necessary, we will ask for your permission and will proceed with the change.

See you at the ired workshops

While visiting our store, you will be thrilled with how we have shaped our laboratories space, having in mind the safety of the repairs. We have all the right tools for each task and we get the most reliable and top parts of the market, which offer high durability and functionality.You will be informed for every step of the process by the technician who will undertake the iPhone 6s front camera repair.

If you are not able to visit one of our stores, you can send your device via courier, completely free of charge.