iPhone 6S Repair Service

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Direct and guaranteed iPhone 6s repair services from ired, in only 20 minutes.

Guaranteed iPhone 6s repair

If you want a quick and effective iPhone 6s repair, trust our experienced, ired technicians to restore any damage on your device.

Some of our services, include:

  • Retina and digitizer screen repair
  • Wet iPhone restoration
  • Battery replacement
  • Power button repair
  • Motherboard repair.

All these services are for your iPhone 6s device.

Experienced and specialized technicians

Our technical department consists of experienced and specialized technicians in electronic repairs. Our specialization is Apple and iPhone devices. Repairing iPhone devices, is a very demanding procedure that we always accomplish with success, due to our long experience.

High quality replacement parts

We have managed to acquire for you, the very best replacement parts in the market. Our goal is to make a repair, that will last in time and that will enthuse you. In ired you will always find the best replacement parts, that will always be accompanied by a warranty.

Serving with a warranty

Every service that ired offer’s you, is followed by a warranty. If your device is in need of repair, we can restore the damage. The result of every repair we make is always guaranteed for a significant amount of time. You can learn more by choosing the iPhone 6s repair that you need.

Free delivery

If you are located outside Attica, you can still send us your device, via courier, throughout Greece, totally free of charge.

We will offer you the best available services whichever way you choose to contact us.