iPhone 6s plus volume,silent cable repair

iPhone 6s plus volume,silent cable repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 36
  • Cost (Tax incl) 44.64
  • Repair Time 20 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

It is possible that the buttons that control the sound volume malfunction due to daily usage. These buttons are attached to a cable and are responsible for raising or lowering the sound volume and setting your device on silent mode.Through this cable,your orders are transferred to the main unit,with each of your keystrokes.

Indications of fault

If the volume,silent cable has been worn,you will notice it from one of the following symptoms:

  • You need to apply a lot of pressure to make the buttons work
  • The buttons are working with disruptions
  • The buttons are not working at all

If you are experiencing any of the above signs,you are in need of iPhone 6s plus volume,silent cable repair.

  • Direct service from one of our certified technicians
  • Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of your faulty volume,silent cable
  • Flawless installation of the volume,silent cable iPhone 6s plus
  • 1 year guaranty


ired is offering to repair your iPhone 6s plus volume,silent cable,to not trouble yourself with sound malfunctions anymore.The device has to be opened completely for the repair procedure,so you have to trust only the best to go through with it.

We wait for you in an ired lab

Our technical team is at your disposal.Our technicians will run a diagnostic test on your device and they will inform you of the repair time and cost.If you agree,they will proceed with the repairing process.

The ired labs only use the highest quality replacement parts,offer them at competitive prices and are always followed by guaranty.