iPhone 6s plus lightning connector, mic,jack cable repair

iPhone 6s plus lightning connector, mic,jack cable repair

Repair details

What does the triptych lightning connector, mic,jack cable replacement mean?

One of the 3 most essential parts of the iPhone 6s plus,is located in the bottom of the device and includes the following:

  • Microphone,serving us during our phone calls
  • Lighting connector,where you can connect with your charger or computer device
  • Jack cable,where you can plug your headphones

Indications of fault

If your iPhone 6s plus receives a blow or falls down,the lightning connector, mic,jack cable may get damaged.You will notice it if:

  • Your interlocutor can barely hear or cannot hear you at all.
  • You cannot charge the device or the computer does not recognise the device.
  • Your headphones cannot produce any sound.

If any of the above is happening,your device runs the risk of operating with limited capabilities or not operating at all.It is only natural,that you device will run out of battery,if you are unable to charge it.The only solution for this,is to repair the damaged lighting connector on your iPhone 6s plus.

We offer :

  • Direct service from one of our certified technicians
  • Operation control in 24 points before and after the repair
  • Safe removal of your faulty lightning connector, mic,jack cable
  • Flawless installation of the new lightning connector, mic,jack cable for iPhone 6s plus
  • 1 year guaranty


Our experienced technicians,are able to replace the damaged part with speed and efficiency.

Visit an ired store

One of the experienced ired technicians,will receive your device and will check to find the damage.If a fault is identified,he will inform you and with your consent,he will repair it.

Visit an ired lab and we can guarantee,that you will be satisfied with the specifically designed labs and workbenches we use.We operate under strict safety regulations,to be able to guarantee the safety of every device being repaired in ired. We have created the perfect environment to accommodate any iPhone device repair.