iPhone 6 power,volume,silent button repair

iPhone 6 power,volume,silent button repair

Repair details

Indications of fault

Among others,your iPhone 6 device, includes 3 external buttons, that are responsible for adjusting the sound, turning the phone in silent mode and switching it on and off.

These buttons may get damaged from a strong blow, or an unlucky fall and start to malfunction.

If you notice that any button has been:

  • Broken
  • Cracked
  • Worn

Then your device is in need of an iPhone 6 power,volume,silent button repair.


Due to the daily usage of these buttons, they sometimes get worn, detached or lost.

In ired we have all the necessary expertise to restore your iPhone to its previous, undamaged.condition. If any button needs replacement, we will use a new and resilient button, fully compatible with your device.

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