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iPhone 6 Repair Service

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Direct Service for your iPhone 6 in just 20 minutes. Come to one of the 4 ired stores in Attica for a guaranteed and affordable iPhone 6 repair.

Guaranteed iPhone 6 repair

Ired stores are enjoying great distinction as the most trusted and leading brand name in the repair iPhones markets. Our specialists carefully select the most qualitative spare parts of the market. Our experienced technicians are at your disposal for the best quality service for your iPhone 6.

Specifically, we provide technical support in case of need:

  • iPhone 6 LCD & Digitizer screen repair
  • iPhone 6 water damaged repair
  • iPhone 6 battery replacement
  • iPhone 6 rear cover replacement
  • iPhone 6 earpiece repair
  • iPhone 6 speaker repair
  • iPhone 6 3G/4G antenna repair
  • iPhone 6 back camera repair
  • iPhone 6 front camera repair
  • iPhone 6 home button repair
  • iPhone 6 Lightning connector repair
  • iPhone 6 motherboard repair
  • iPhone 6 Power button repair
  • iPhone 6 SIM card case repair
  • iPhone 6 SIM card reader repair
  • iPhone 6 vibration motor repair
  • iPhone 6 volume, silent cable repair
  • iPhone 6 Wi-Fi antenna repair

Our laboratories are well equipped, so that we can provide the most guaranteed and safe repairs for your precious iPhone 6.

Experience and expertise

It is well known that Apple doesn’t manufacture its devices having the ease of the repair as a target. So the iPhone devices are fairly complicated to repair. We have made sure that all of our technicians have acquired all the necessary knowledge to properly repair an iPhone. The expertise and experience guarantee the best result in every repair.

High quality spare parts

In ired, we have selected the best spare parts in the market. Our main concern is the quality and the performance. In all of our repairs, we use only high quality parts, which are necessary for an effective iPhone 6 repair

Repair Warranty

The combination of our exceptional spare parts and our wide expertise allow us to offer a guarantee for all the repairs we undertake. Thus, for every iPhone 6 repair, we can trust ired. We always support our customers, and we always want to offer you the best possible result.

Nationwide coverage

As part of a better service, we work with a courier company so as you can directly send us your device, free of charge. We want all of our customers, regardless of where they live, to enjoy the same high quality, reliable and fast service.