Water damaged iPhone 6 Plus repair

Water damaged iPhone 6 Plus repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 40
  • Cost (Tax incl) 49.6
  • Repair Time Ask us
  • Repair Warranty Ask us

 If your device got wet, do not delay at all.

We have specialized tools and extensive knowledge and experience in repairing motherboards.

We can restore it directly and in an affordable price, plus giving you a warranty.

It makes perfect sense that if you have the iPhone 6 Plus you don’t want to get it off your hands.

Unfortunately, there is also the chance that it may fall from your hands and even worse, fall into the water.

In this case, you have to react immediately and mostly without getting stressed.

Responsiveness instructions

  •  Don’t ever let your device open!You must turn it off immediately!
  •  Avoid heat sources because it may cause overheating.
  •  Absorb moisture with paper towels, by wrapping the device.
  •  Post your device in the opposite side from the direction of which the liquid penetrated, to prevent any intrusions.

Immediately after, you should come to our nearest store so that we can check your device’s condition and whether the water has penetrated the device.

The time is very important because the sooner we can check it the better are the chances to stop further damage to your device.

Damage due to moisture

Oxidation is one of the worst damage that may encounter to your device.

This is because moisture causes oxidation, a chemical reaction that can cause corrosion at the device’s components.

The oxidation is less likely to happen if the lesion is treated immediately.

Come to one of our stores so that we can check your cell phone and see how much moisture has penetrated into its components.

Our experienced technicians will advise you whether there is a failure and how it should be treated.

Repair’s cost

The cost always depends on the size of the “injury” of your iPhone 6 Plus and from the parts that will be need to make the repair.

If the device needs a repair, we will inform you of the situation and about the final cost.

A very important issue is the quality of the spare parts. We have the best of the market and we guarantee about the quality.

We also offer the most affordable prices.