iPhone 6 Plus power button cable

iPhone 6 Plus power button cable

Repair details

 One of the most used keys of your device, which may be worn first, is the basis of the power button.

The power button is based on the power button flex.

Because of frequent pressure, the button unfortunately deteriorates, and doesn’t react against the pressure.

It is a ribbon cable inside the device, which is connected on the on/off button.

Symptoms of damage

In case of failure of the power button cable, you may notice difficulties while using the button.

Without any outwards signs:

  • It needs extensive pressure to react.
  • The button works with intermissions or doesn’t work at all.

All these symptoms indicate the need to repair the power flex.


To address the damage a replacement of the cable connected to the power button is required.

It is a difficult process and requires almost complete disassembly of the device.

Come to one of the ired laboratories

Our experienced and specially trained technicians will undertake the repair of your favorite device.

Initially, a diagnostic test will be needed to confirm the damage.

We will then inform you about the process of the repair, the cost and time needed.

With your consent, we can proceed to repair the power button flex for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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