iPhone 6 plus power,volume silent button repair

iPhone 6 plus power,volume silent button repair

Repair details

The three iPhone 6 plus auxiliary buttons are very useful,because the are responsible for many actions that you use on a daily basis.

  • Volume button,raises or lowers the sound volume
  • Silent button,sets your phone in silent mode
  • Power button,turns your device on and off

Indications of fault

It is possible, that these three buttons get worn down through daily usage or get damaged by a fall of the device.The most common signs of a damaged button are:

  • Breaking
  • Cracking
  • Wear
  • Detachment
  • Loss

If any of these buttons gets damaged, or worn, your device will lose speed and efficiency and in extreme cases it might even be unable to function.


If any of the iPhone 6 plus power,volume silent buttons gets damaged,you will need to replace them with new and resilient buttons.In the ired labs,these parts are always in stock and the replacement can take place immediately.

Deliver your device to one of our experienced technicians so he can run our usual diagnostic test,to locate whatever problem your device may have.If a problem is detected,he will inform you of the time and the cost of the repair and if you agree,he will proceed to repair it.

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