Water damaged iPhone 5s repair

Water damaged iPhone 5s repair

Repair details

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  • Cost (Tax incl) 52.08
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You already have your iPhone 5s always and everywhere with you. It is likely that some time be exposed to moisture. In that unfortunate case do not get stressed, act calmly.

Directions for immediate reaction: 

  • Turn off your device and do not turn it on in any case
  • Try to absorb humidity, wrapping your device with paper towels
  • Place the device on the opposite side from the direction the liquid penetrated it
  • Do not use heat sources to dry as this may cause overheating
  • If wetting was caused by sea water, immediately rinse your device with fresh water and follow the steps above normally

Then immediately contact iRed. If you cannot come to one of our stores then contact the courier company we collaborate with. It is important that the damage gets dealt with immediately.

Damage due to moisture

The damage caused by moisture is oxidation. This is a chemical reaction, which can cause permanent damage to the device. In fact the moisture corrodes the parts of your device. An immediate response is necessary to slow down oxidation, to avoid it you will need to conduct a water damage iPhone 5s repair.

Come to your nearest iRed store

Our experienced technicians will directly address the damage. Your device will be opened and we will determine the depth of the influx of liquids. We will arrange to remove the moisture using specialized equipment, such as high power ultrasonic device.

Cost of repair

The cost of repair depends on the parts that will be needed to rescue your iPhone. If the repair is feasible you will obtain accurate information about the cost and the duration of the repair.

You should be aware that the immediate response has very great importance as it can determine the outcome of the repair.