iPhone 5s camera repair

iPhone 5s camera repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 27
  • Cost (Tax incl) 33.48
  • Repair Time 20 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

One of the most useful features of your device is taking pictures and videos. The quality of the iPhone camera offers clear image and impressive results. As a result you can capture your favorite moments without having to carry a digital camera.

The camera of iPhone 5s

This is one of the highest quality cameras in a mobile device. The images have a size of 8 megapixel and you have at your disposal double LED flash for dark environments. It also offers additional filters and functions such as taking a panoramic photo.

Symptoms of malfunction

If your device suffers a blow or a fall it could damage your precious camera. You will notice an immediate difference in the quality of your shots. In case of failure you may experience symptoms such as the following:

  • Low quality shots
  • Physical injury, damage of the camera
  • Cracked or broken shutter
  • You cannot open the camera application
  • Or when the application opens you cannot see any picture


To restore the damage, you need a new camera. Skilled technicians can perform this challenging work. Completing the work as quickly as possible you will not miss your favorite device.

Come to the nearest iRed laboratory

In our stores there is a reception where one of our technicians will listen to your description of the fault and will receive your device. In the laboratory we confirmed the initial diagnosis. After we inform you and we have your agreement, we proceed in iPhone 5s camera repair.

In iPhone 5s camera repair we use top performance and quality OEM spare parts. These have been selected for offering excellent results in all cases and for allowing us to offer you guaranteed services. Come to iRed for quality and economical iPhone 5s camera repair.