iPhone 5S power-volume-silent cable repair

iPhone 5S power-volume-silent cable repair

Repair details

If your iPhone 5S buttons stopped working, visit an ired lab. We offer you low cost and guaranteed iPhone 5S power-volume-silent cable repair, from our experienced technicians.

One of the parts that may get damaged is the power-volume-silent cable that you use daily.

It is a cable located inside your iPhone 5S, that is responsible for delivering the orders you give through your keystrokes to your device. All 3 external buttons are located on this cable.

Indications of fault

If your volume-silent-power cable is damaged, you will notice:

  • You will need to apply a great amount of pressure for the buttons to work
  • The buttons work with disruptions or not at all

If you notice any of the above symptoms then you probably need an iPhone 5S power-volume-silent cable repair.


To deal with this damage, you need to replace your faulty power-volume-silent cable with a new and resilient one.

This is a very demanding operation because it requires the opening of your device.

Visit an ired store

Our specialised and experienced technicians will handle the repair of your favourite device.

To begin with we will run a diagnostic test to confirm the damage. Then we will inform you about the damage,the cost and the duration of the repair.

If you agree we will proceed with a iPhone 5S power-volume-silent cable repair.

Our replacement parts are always high quality and offer the best results in all our repairs.