iPhone 5s motherboard repair

iPhone 5s motherboard repair

Repair details

One of the hardest malfunctions to fix on your iPhone 5s device is a damaged motherboard.Although common belief is that this kind of damage is irreparable,here in the iPhone-sos,we can guarantee full repair and restoration of your device.

Your motherboard is the core of all the electronics on your iPhone 5s device.It is responsible for the main memory,the processor and all the other electronic subsystems,so the well being of your motherboard is in direct link with the well being of your iPhone device.

Indications of a faulty motherboard

There are many signs of a damaged motherboard,the most common are these:

  •  The motherboard’s socket is broken.
  •  The device cannot be switched on or is overheating.
  •  Even after replacing the charging cradle the device cannot be charged.
  •  The LCD screen remains blank even after replacing it.
  •  Inability to access the wireless network.
  •  Inability to access GSM signal.
  •  The camera is not working,even after replacing it.
  •  The Home button and/or the microphone are not responding.

As you can see,a faulty motherboard affects almost every subsystem of your device,which makes the need for repair even more urgent.

Don’t panic, our team of experts can help you repair your phone.

Repairing the motherboard

Contact the lab closest to you and one of our experienced and well trained technician will take good care of your iPhone 5s.

To start with, he will check your phone to find if the problem is indeed coming from the motherboard and he will inform you of the results of the problem. Then he will tell you what parts are in need of replacement, what is the cost and when will your phone be ready to be returned to you. If you agree he will begin the process of repairing your phone.

Trust us and we can guarantee you a safe, quick and low cost repair of your iPhone 5s motherboard.