iPhone 5C power-volume-silent Cable repair

iPhone 5C power-volume-silent Cable repair

Repair details

Did your iPhone 5c buttons stopped working?

If they did, visit an ired store for an economic and direct iPhone 5C power-volume-silent Cable repair, from our experienced technicians.

One of the parts that may get damaged is the power-volume-silent cable that you use daily. It is a cable located inside your iPhone 5S, that is responsible for delivering the orders you give through your keystrokes to your device.

All 3 external buttons are located on this cable.

Indications of fault

If your volume-silent-power cable is damaged, you will notice:

  • You will need to apply a great amount of pressure for the buttons to work
  • The buttons work with disruptions
  • The buttons will not at all

Malfunctions like the above impact negative on your iPhone 5C functionality. If you notice them you probably need an iPhone 5C power-volume-silent Cable repair.

Repairing the damage

To deal with this damage, you need to replace your faulty power-volume-silent cable with a new and resilient one.

This is a very demanding operation because it requires the opening of your device. The technical team of ired has at its disposal all the necessary tools for any iPhone 5C repair.

A great part for achieving the best result play our excellent replacement parts that are resilient and economical.

Visit an ired store

Every ired lab is specially designed for a safe and succesfull repair for your iPhone 5C.

Visit us or send us your device via courier. One of our specialised technicians will handle the repair of your damaged power-volume-silent Cable iPhone 5C.

Your device will be returned to you fully repaired and fully functional, just like it was the day you bought it.