iPhone 5c rear cover replacement

iPhone 5c rear cover replacement

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 49
  • Cost (Tax incl) 60.76
  • Repair Time 90 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

The rear cover of your device gets worn out with the passing of each day, that is why sometimes you will notice intense signs of "weariness" to your device’s rear cover.

Sometimes a fall or a strong hit on your phone might crack or even break your rear cover.

Signs of damage

Observe the rear side of your device for signs such as these:

  •  Scratches
  •  Loss of colour
  •  Breaking 
  •  Cracks

If you observe these signs you probably need a rear cover replacement for iPhone 5c.

Repairing the damage 

To repair the damage, the rear cover must be replaced with a new one. This is a very demanding procedure because each part of the phone has to removed and be placed again to make this change.

Visit one of our ired shops

Our experienced technicians have the necessary experience and tools to make a rear cover replacement for iPhone 5c safely and successfully.

Our labs are specifically designed to create the perfect environment for a rear cover replacement change.Our replacement parts are always of the highest quality,durable and fashionable.

Repairing method

  • Come  by one of our ired shops and brings us your device,or send it to us via courrier.
  • After we receive the device we conduct a diagnostic test to find out exactly what is wrong with it.
  • We inform you of the results of the test and make suggestions on the possible solutions for your device.
  • One of our specialized technicians repairs your valuable device
  • After the repair is finished you can pick up your repaired device or we can send it to you,via courier.