iPhone 5c motherboard repair

iPhone 5c motherboard repair

Repair details

A faulty motherboard is one the most serious problems your iPhone can sustain. Such a fault affects every system of your phone, the main memory, the processor, the camera, your wireless network accessibility and many more.

Most users believe that such damage is irreparable but that is not true. In the ired labs we are able to “revitalize” your motherboard and bring your phone back to “life”.

Indications of a faulty motherboard

There are many signs that your motherboard is damaged,these are the most common:

  •  Obvious damage in the socket of the motherboard.
  •  Inability to switch the device on or overheating of the device.
  •  The device cannot be charged.
  •  The LCD screen is not responding,even after you replace it.
  •  Inability to connect to a WI FI network.
  •  Weak GSM signal
  •  The camera doesn’t respond even after you replace it.
  •  The Home button or the microphone do not respond even if you replace them.

If you have noticed any of these indications on your iPhone 5c then your motherboard is probably damaged and in need of repair.

Repairing a damaged motherboard

A damaged motherboard can be repaired. In the ired labs we understand the seriousness of this problem, so you have to trust the best technical team to take care of your device.

Come to our closest lab

Our experienced personnel has both the expertise and the tools to deal with such a hard repair.

Once the problem is found you will be immediately informed about the cost and the time needed to repair your device. With your agreement, our personnel will go on with the repair, with the best replacement parts known for their durability and effectiveness.

We wait for you,in the ired shops and labs with the most reliable and secure repair for your iPhone 5c.