iPhone 4S sensor cable repair

iPhone 4S sensor cable repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 22
  • Cost (Tax incl) 27.28
  • Repair Time 40 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

After a period of intensive use, iPhone's 4S sensor cable may present a fault or a malfunction. Except due to normal wear, the damage of a component may be a result of a drop, impact or accident.

What exactly is the sensor cable:

The sensor cable has attached on, the proximity and light sensor as well as the power button of the device. More specifically, the proximity sensor turns off the screen when getting the device close to your ear and the brightness sensor senses the brightness of the surroundings and sets the screen settings accordingly. It gives a signal to a corresponding increase or decrease of the screen brightness.

Damage indications:

If you notice the following symptoms:

  • the screen does not turn off when receiving a call
  • the automatic brightness adjustment does not work

then it is necessary to perform iPhone 4S sensor cable repair.


Come to our professional labs for an immediate sensor cable repair. Licensed and trained technicians will carry out the necessary control of your device and will then inform you about the damage and if it is necessary to replace the sensor cable.

Come to our closest store:

Come without any delay at one of our stores and our staff will guide you on. We will arrange a quick and responsible repair. A main advantage of our work is that we use, as in all our repairs, new OEM parts, which are high quality, durable and fully compatible with your device. We will carry out the sensor cable repair quickly for you to soon have a functional iPhone in your hands. We guarantee that your device will function like new again!

And all this, always at the most competitive prices accompanied by a quality service warranty.