iPhone 4S motherboard repair

iPhone 4S motherboard repair

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If you suspect that there is a damage of your iPhone's 4s motherboard, you have to pay close attention, since it is the most serious damage that can occur in an iPhone device and can prevent you from using it. Despite this do not rush to consider that the damage is irreparable.

What exactly is the motherboard?

The motherboard or main-board or system board is the basic electronic circuit of your iPhone. This includes the microprocessor, the central memory and other subsystems. As it is easy to see, is a very important part of an iPhone.

Damage indications:

It is hard not to notice the signs of a damaged iPhone 4S motherboard, as they are many. So if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Broken connector on the motherboard
  • Device does not turn on or overheats
  • Device is not charging even after replacing the charging dock
  • LCD screen does not show anything
  • LCD screen does not respond or remain white even if you have changed it
  • Cannot get connected to any Wi-Fi network
  • Device loses GSM reception suddenly
  • The camera, although has been repaired, is not working
  • Home button or microphone not working, even after replacing them with new parts,

then surely there is a fault on the motherboard of the device.


We already highlighted above how important the damage of the motherboard can be, but this does not mean that it is irreparable. You must however show caution in whom you are going to trust the iPhone 4S motherboard repair.

Come to our closest store:

In our laboratories, specialists and licensed iPhone repair technicians will accept to take the responsibility to verify the damage and proceed with the necessary repairs.

We will identify the damaged chip inductors or diodes on the motherboard and replace them with new ones. We should emphasize here that to repair the motherboard we use new and durable OEM spare parts of top quality.

The cost for this repair is determined by the parts that will be needed to complete it.

So please contact us immediately for a rapid and effective repair, always at the most competitive prices.