iPhone 4 Wi-Fi antenna repair

iPhone 4 Wi-Fi antenna repair

Repair details

  • Cost (Tax excl) 20
  • Cost (Tax incl) 24.8
  • Repair Time 20 minutes
  • Repair Warranty Lifetime warranty

Your precious iPhone 4 has a Wi-Fi antenna, which is necessary for the use and the exploitation of the numerous online applications that are offer through a free Wi-Fi internet connection.

What exactly is the Wi-Fi antenna?

The Wi-Fi antenna is mounted at the base of your device. Its role is to offer free wireless internet connection to your iPhone 4. So you can utilize the numerous applications available to the device, e.g. can read or send email, be notified of the weather, connect to iTunes for your entertainment and generally surf the internet.

Damage indications:

When the Wi-Fi antenna of your iPhone has a problem, you will recognize it easily.

Specifically, you will it find out immediately if your device

  • Has weak signal reception
  • None Wi-Fi network appears
  • You get the message "No Wi-Fi" displayed on your screen

as a result you will not be able to connect to the internet in public or private places where free wireless network exists. Then your iPhone will be relegated to be used a common feature mobile phone, which is certainly not the reason why you have preferred the device of Apple in the first place.


If the Wi-Fi antenna the device is not working properly and you suspect that it is damaged, do not worry, since the repair is possible. Our trained technicians are available to solve the problem immediately and properly repair the iPhone's 4 Wi-Fi antenna.

Come to our closest store:

Do not delay. Come without delay at one of our branches to directly and professionally resolve the problem of your device. iPhone 4 Wi-Fi antenna repair requires special attention, since it is necessary to disassemble the entire device since the antenna is attached at its base.

As we do in all our repairs, for the iPhone 4 Wi-Fi antenna repair we will use a new and top quality OEM spare part. We will restore the damage immediately and effectively. Our guaranteed service is offered at the most competitive prices.